The Lincoln Centre - Financial Results

The Lincoln Centre specialises in financial presentations; interim and final results. We also host non-scheduled presentations, often executed at very short notice, such as trading updates, key board appointments and crisis management. We also handle most of the M&A announcements taking place in the city. As befits a venue serving companies trading on international equity markets worldwide, The Lincoln Centre is open 24hrs a day for business, seven days a week.

All presentation rooms are equipped with state-of- the-art audio visual technology and have separate break out areas in which analysts or journalists can be served refreshments before presentations.

We know the value our clients put on having skilled and attentive technical staff constantly on hand during results days. Therefore, all bookings of our presentation rooms include the services of a dedicated AV Manager who will ensure that your technical aspects are flawlessly managed, such as PowerPoint presentations, audio-dial-ins, live webcasts and radio or TV interviews.

We also provide administrative assistance which includes printing analyst packs and branding panels.

The Lincoln Centre understands well the needs of company directors who are giving presentations to sophisticated financial audiences such as analysts, fund managers or journalists. We know it’s essential directors have a comfortable and calm atmosphere in which to prepare. This is why our butler is on hand to ensure your executive team’s comfort in their private room, serving your directors with breakfast, providing the day’s major newspapers and a Reuter’s screen.